Member Services & Engagement

The CWC PCN’s membership consists of family doctors located within our catchment area. Physician members are the foundation of the CWC PCN and the focus of the MSE team.

MSE keeps members informed of and involved with the CWC PCN and the programs and services that support them and their patients.

Highlights from 2020-21

Our MSE team provides…

Open communication linesOur Physician Liaisons meet regularly with members to talk about our programs and services, gather feedback, answer questions, and respond to concerns.
News and updatesWe provide physician members with regular communications, including a physician-focused website and regular newsletters.
Continuing Medical EducationWe offer education sessions to support our members’ Patient Medical Homes, advance their practices, and connect them with community partners.

Communications for a pandemic and beyond

When COVID-19 struck Alberta, we increased communication to our physician members and employees with daily updates tailored to primary care.

Timely information was vital, as the situation changed rapidly. The PCN’s Communications team sourced news and guidance from over a dozen medical, regulatory, and government sources to keep physicians and employees informed.

The team began collaborating with the other six PCNs in the Calgary area to provide regular updates to physicians throughout the city, reducing the frequency of communications as new information waned. They also resumed regular non-COVID-19 communications to members and staff in the summer of 2020.

Communications also consulted with the CWN PCN’s Patient Advisory Council to develop a strategy for the public using social media and an e-newsletter.

Programs and services for a challenging time

Responding to the changes caused by COVID-19, the MSE team coordinated with partners to help members access virtual appointments, additional mental health support for patients, and privacy consultations.

Knowing the risks of holding in-person appointments, we offered members free licences to Patient Connect, the PCN’s secure online platform for virtual appointments. MSE helped coordinate and fast-track access to the platform for interested members.

We offered each member clinic a free privacy consultation to help them update their Privacy Impact Assessment, an important process to address privacy risks. Clinics updating their PIA could meet with one of our privacy consultants for two hours at no cost.

Partnering with the Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region (CMHA), we offered two CMHA group mental health courses for members’ patients. Doctors and PCN clinical team members could refer patients to help them cope with anxiety, mild mental health concerns, and addiction.

Events and professional development for members

continuing medical
education opportunities
unique member
physicians in attendance

We hosted multiple webinars and courses to help physicians adapt to the pandemic and build their skills. Courses were entirely online except for a series of Heart & Stroke courses, which had additional in-person training that adhered to public health restrictions.

We also held our 2020 Annual General Meeting online.