Member Services & Engagement

The CWC PCN’s membership consists of family doctors located within our catchment area. Physician members are the foundation of the CWC PCN and the focus of the MSE team.

MSE keeps members informed of and involved with the CWC PCN and the programs and services that support them and their patients.

Highlights from 2021-22

Our MSE team provides…

Open communication linesOur Physician Liaisons meet regularly with members to talk about our programs and services, gather feedback, answer questions, and respond to concerns.
News and updatesWe provide physician members with regular communications, including a physician-focused website and regular newsletters.
Continuing Medical EducationWe offer education sessions to support our members’ Patient Medical Homes, advance their practices, and connect them with community partners.

Supporting physician wellness

In early 2021, we added a new e-newsletter focused on physician wellness to our regular communications with members.

Called Wellness Watch, the monthly e-newsletter shares new wellness resources, information, and events specific to physicians, including:

  • Toolkits and guides
  • Podcast episodes and other on-demand audio content
  • Webinars, videos, and virtual peer support sessions

The pandemic’s impact on wellness spurred the development of multiple physician-specific resources by many organizations. Still, there was no easy way for physicians to find them all.

Recognizing the value to our members, we curate information from over a dozen sources into one e-newsletter to provide a single, concise source of information.

Connecting with the community

The Community Health Connect (CHC) e-newsletter was created to improve patient engagement and raise awareness about programs and services offered by the CWC PCN and our healthcare partners.  

CHC allows us to connect directly with patients outside of in-clinic staff and the external website and has positioned the CWC PCN as a trusted health resource.   

By providing timely and valuable information on a consistent basis, we have built a platform to foster relationships with patients and showcase the value and benefits of having a family physician and a medical home that listens to their needs.  

The content for our monthly newsletter was developed in collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs). Topics were based on priority pillars, including promoting programs and services, important healthcare initiatives, and health partner information and resources.  

CHC is an important direct patient-facing communication tool, and we are excited to enhance our content offerings, increase engagement and connect with more subscribers moving forward.  

Events and member engagement

educational and engagement opportunities

We hosted multiple webinars and courses to help physicians adapt to the pandemic and build their skills. We also engaged with members through focus groups and working group meetings.