Board of Directors

The CWC PCN’s Board of Directors consists of physician members and members of the public. They provide strategic and budgetary oversight for the CWC PCN.

During the 2022-23 fiscal year, our Board approved the 2022-23 Physician Accountability Agreement, 2022-23 budget, mid-year and annual reports, and audited financial reports in addition to other duties.

Highlights from 2022-23

Our 2022-23 Board members

  • Jagdeep Doulla, Chair
  • Vincent Vong, Vice-Chair
  • Tim Rose, External Director – Treasurer
  • Nicola Chappell, Past-Chair
  • Nkechi Ozoka, Director
  • Safi Saeed, Director
  • Kerri Treherne, Director
  • Theresa Truong, Director
  • Frances Vettergreen, Director
  • Amanda Wang, Director
  • Jenny Mazuryk, AHS Joint Venture Governance Rep
  • Mike Spady, AHS Joint Venture Governance Rep
  • Rod Iwanow, AHS Joint Venture Governance Rep
  • Christopher Cameron, Executive Director – Ex-Officio
  • Jon Macpherson, Manager of Governance & Organizational Operations – Ex-Officio

Board committees

The Board’s four subcommittees provide additional guidance for the CWC PCN.

Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee supports the Board by developing members’ competencies and recommending member training opportunities. The committee also facilitates the annual Board self-evaluation and drafts agendas for annual strategic planning meetings.

Finance Audit and Risk Committee

The Finance Audit & Risk Committee helps the Board fulfil its obligations and oversight responsibilities related to financial planning and reporting, the audit process, and corporate controls and risk management.

Membership and External Relations Committee

The Membership and External Relations Committee helps the Board fulfil its oversight obligations and responsibilities to physician members. They do this by improving and developing resources. The committee also promotes and maintains relationships between the CWC PCN, its members, media, government, and community partners.

Board Policy and Human Resources Committee

The Board Policy and Human Resources Committee helps the Board govern effectively and meet its fiduciary obligations regarding human resources governance and Board policy development. This committee conducts annual objective-setting and performance reviews for the Executive Director and the Medical Director, and then makes relevant recommendations to the Board based on their review.

Joint Venture Governance Committee

We work with our joint venture partner Alberta Health Services (AHS) to ensure that our business aligns with provincial direction, policy, and governance documents. Together, we form the Joint Venture Governance Committee (JVGC).

The JVGC is comprised of the three Board officers from the CWC PCN and three senior representatives of AHS.

The JVGC reports on matters that require provincial approval to our funder, Alberta Health. This includes the CWC PCN’s business plan, budget, annual and mid-year reports. The JVGC also supports the CWC PCN when our Board evaluates our Executive and Medical Directors’ performances.